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It never ceases to amaze me the ideas people come up with when they’re in need of money for someone or something.

Recently saw this site buyacredit. It’s an idea conjured up by three guys that wanted to make a movie, basically you pay to have your name put on the end credits, in turn this obviously funds the making of the film.

Here’s the info from the “about” section on their site:

BUYACREDIT.COM is a ground-breaking new project aiming to raise the sum of One Million Pounds in order to fund the upcoming feature film “Dardentor”.

We have turned to the public to help us fund the movie. To put it simply, we’re selling its end credits online, here at BUYACREDIT.COM. For just one pound/two dollars YOU can become a movie producer and see YOUR name roll down on the end credits of the upcoming commercial motion picture “Dardentor”.

NEW ADDITION: Now for just 50 pounds/$100 you can buy advertising space on the all new Advert Patchwork and on the end credits.

The project has been going from strength to strength and has already captured the imaginations of thousands across the World. Industry professionals, celebrities, journalists and directors have sung nothing but praise for the project and are extremely confident for its future.

BUYACREDIT.COM is taking a brave new leap into the world of cinema, and it wants every single one of you to be a part of it!

BUYACREDIT now and be a part of cinema history!

Pretty clever idea. I don’t think I’d ever bother buying one, but I’m sure thousands of people will. No doubt it’ll be as successful as the million dollar homepage was. I just find it crazy how one idea can make so much money in so little time (assuming they pull  it off).

Good luck to them. I just need to think of something now 🙂