6 comments on “Squeezebox Extension for Google Chrome

  1. Was great, but now seems broken. No details showing on control (but open squeezebox server still works) since Chromium 30 update. Look forward to it being fixed. Thank you.

  2. OK, I’m officially an idiot.

    It was a cache issue. I was closing the browser but restoring my session (duh!) which kept chrome from refreshing my wacky display problems.

    When I did *actually* flush the cache (tools/clear browsing data) display issue was corrected immediately. And (bonus), for some reason it fixed my server web display issues in FireFox, too. Those cached settings must have been confusing the LMS.

    So for anyone having wacky display issues, clear-clear-clear those caches.

    Thanks again for an awesome tool!

  3. Thanks for this! I have it running, but for some reason the interface looks nothing like yours (buttons imaged that don’t really load, disjointed text, ,etc). I don’t think it’s your fault because the general web interface doesn’t look that great. I’ve tried Default and Classic and while they are usable, they don’t look great. Fishbone and iPeng don’t load at all.

    At any rate, I think I can live with it, unless you have some tips about things I need to change. Cheers!

  4. Very slick. Thanks for putting this out there.

    It definitely chokes on the Fishbone theme (my favorite). I edited my popup.html to include /default in the URL so it displays properly. If that’s the only theme that is supported you may as well add it.

  5. Hey, Ben. Thanks for this – Just thought about playing around with my SB again.

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