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This is another assignment I had to do for uni. We had to use a lamp similar to the one you see at the start of Pixar movies and animate it in any way we wanted.

I decided to do a Mario style theme! It’s my first ever animation so it’s still very rough around the edges.



Here’s the link. You’ll need the xvid coded installed to play it:
Pixario – 3D Animation (Direct Download)

Alternatively, you can view a HD version on YouTube. It’s slightly jerky on YouTube though unfortunately:
Pixario – 3D Animation (YouTube)

It was created in Maya 2008. The individual frames were rendered at 768×576 resolution and then compiled with audio and title sequences using Adobe Premiere.

Hope you enjoy it! 🙂

Just thought I’d post a few images of an assignment I had to do for uni. The task was to model a stegosaurus in Maya 2008 (a 3D modelling application for anyone who doesn’t know).

It’s my first proper model so it’s far from brilliant. I’m fairly happy with how parts of it turned out though.